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Woman-Owned, Organic and Canadian


We are proud to be a woman-owned Canadian company who supports organic farming. All of our products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, local whenever possible. We obsessively source the highest quality ingredients to make our products and never compromise on quality. We believe in giving back to causes we believe in, and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. 


Giving Back to Saving Asian Elephants


In yogic philosophy, elephants are considered a symbol of wisdom and good luck. They are a vital part of a balanced and healthy ecosystem. In the past century, 90% of Asian elephants have disappeared from the face of the earth. To ensure the survival of the remaining 10% of the population, we donate 10% of our profits to NGOs working to help save the Asian elephant. This effort is to help restore the environment, biodiversity, air quality and wildlife habitat in India. Our founder, Lee, has visited some of the projects that we donate to, and has stayed with the NGO A Rocha India in Bannerghatta National Park.


Supporting South Asian Culture


Ghee and tulsi (holy basil) originate in India and are commonly used in South Asian households as well as in Ayurvedic rituals and healing practices.


Our founder, Lee Capatina, fell in love with ghee and tulsi while studying nutrition and Ayurveda in her early 20s. She started the company to share the health benefits of these ingredients with people from all backgrounds, but especially in her community where not a lot of people knew about them at the time. In 2019, Lee met her now-business partner Rebecca Dalal, an Indian nutritionist who is a super-fan of Lee's Provisions and is equally passionate about sharing the incredible benefits of ghee and tulsi with the world, through our products. 


As a company, we employ staff and contractors from a variety of different backgrounds, including South Asian descent. We also work with social media influencers from the South Asian community who we collaborate with to share our products with their followers. When looking for new suppliers, we make a point of working with companies owned by South Asian people whenever possible. We honour and respect South Asian culture, and always do our best to educate people on the rich history of the ingredients used in our products.