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Spelt-Sourdough-Brown Butter Crepes

Spelt-Sourdough-Brown Butter Crepes

These crepes are a delicious treat to enjoy for a special celebration or on the weekend for a leisurely family-style breakfast. The sourdough starter adds a delicious tanginess, but feel free to leave it out if you don't have any on hand.

Note: the crepes can be made ahead of time and reheated just before serving. Also, the batter can be made in a blender if you don't feel like whisking it by hand.


    Spelt-Sourdough-Brown Butter Crepes


    Serves 4

    Prep time: 10 minutes

    Cooking time: 15 minutes



    • 3/4 cup whole spelt flour
    • Pinch of sea salt
    • 3 large eggs
    • 1/2 cup sourdough starter (optional)
    • 3 tablespoons Lee's Ghee, melted (Brown Butter or Plain Jane)
    • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, cashew milk or organic whole milk 

    Topping Ideas

    • Veggies: sautéed asparagus and spinach, sliced tomato 
    • Cheese: grated gruyere, parmesan or vegan cheese
    • Meat: prosciutto, chicken, bacon or crumbled tofu 
    • Dessert Toppings: salted caramel, crème fraîche, fresh berries 


    1. Into a large bowl, add the spelt flour and salt. Stir to combine.
    2. Create a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the well. 
    3. Whisk to combine the eggs with the flour, gradually incorporating more flour as you whisk. 
    4. Add the sourdough starter (if using) and milk. Whisk to combine.
    5. Slowly stream in the Brown Butter Ghee, whisky constantly until fully combined. 
    6. Heat a small nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add a scant 1/4 cup of batter to the center of the pan and quickly tilt the pan in a circular motion to cover the entire surface of the pan.
    7. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until golden brown on the bottom. Flip and cook for another 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from the pan and repeat with the remaining batter.
    8. Serve with your favourite toppings! 

      | by Lee Capatina