A time-honoured tradition, reinvented.

We are a maker of premium, organic ghee. Also known as clarified butter, ghee is an ancient pantry staple from India which has been used for thousands of years as both a cooking oil and in Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is made by slowly simmering butter to separate the butter oil from the milk solids, which are skimmed off, leaving just the pure butter oil, which is naturally lactose-free. We infuse our organic ghee with premium herbs and spices from around the world to create flavours that are delicious to cook with, bake with, or to just eat all on their own! 

Lee's Plain Jane Ghee

New! Chaga-Prash: Herbal Jam (105g)

New! Chaga-Prash: Herbal Jam (105g)

Chaga-Prash is Lee’s version of traditional Ayurvedic chyawanprash. Chaga mushroom, amla and ashwagandha are infused with ghee to provide immune-boosting, energy-boosting, and adaptogenic properties. Chaga-Prash can be taken on its own, stirred into warm milk or tea, or spread on toast. Take one teaspoon in the morning or evening for maximum benefit.

    Ingredients: *ghee, raw honey, chaga mushroom, *amla, *ashwagandha, *turmeric, *cinnamon, *cardamom, *cumin, *ginger, *black pepper, vanilla bean. *Organic Ingredients